Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mackinac Conference 2007

Well last weekend the Grand Rapids CC College Republicans had a great opportunity to volunteer for Chuck Yob and John McCain at the annual Mackinac Conference. It was a huge success. Not only did most Republican Presidential candidates show up [including the possibility of Newt Gingrich] but more than 3000 Conservatives were on the Island as well.

We not only spent time passing out stickers, placing signs throughout the Island, and making sure Trevor Pittsley did not tamper with the straw-poll, but we also spent time at party after party where we saw many politicians.

Here is a short list of who we saw last weekend:
-Dick DeVos
-John McCain
-Chuck Yob
-Holly Hughes
-Ron Paul
-Mike Cox
-Terri Lynn Land
-Fred Thompson
-Rudy Giuliani
-Duncan Hunter
-Peter Seccia
-Saul Anuzis
-Mitt Romney
-Barb VanderVeen
-Newt Gingrich
and many, many more...

Granholm happened to be on the Island too, of course she didn't show her face, but the flags were flying high outside the Governor's Mansion on the Island.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Us guys standing with Dick DeVos (the man who should have been our Governor)

Myself (Chaz) with John McCain

Rudy Giuliani

Juli working at the Conference (right)

Our College Republican Group (where is Jordon?)

Juli with Fred Thompson

A few of the guys after our dinner at the Grand Hotel

It was a great opportunity and a great conference. We are looking forward to and planning on attending the Mackinac Conference again next year. I hope you can come as well!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Reality of the Democratic Majority

So, it's been almost one year since Election Day 2006, when the Democrats gained a handsome majority in the U.S House and Senate. The 110th Congress was given a mandate by the people of America to begin making drastic changes - in particular, changes in the Iraq war. The Democratic majority, led by Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate, unveiled a "Six for '06" agenda of what the new majority planned to do in its first 100 days.

Let me reiterate one more time - it's been almost a year since then, and what does the Democratic Congress have to show for it? Abysmal approval ratings and a track record of doing nothing.

The whole Pelosi-Reid show in Congress has become a failure. What have they got to show for their first year? Nothing!

Anyone remember the good old days of the "Contract with America"? Not only did the Republican Party pass nine out of ten goals [which is a lot more to say than the Democrats' "lofty" six point program] but it went on to produce balanced budgets and have higher approval ratings than the current Democratic majority.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Friend to Run for State Rep.

This press release was given to me by Jordon Gilleland. Jordon is a member of The College Republicans of Grand Rapids Community College and Bob Genetski is a family friend of his!

Press Release
September 14, 2007

Genetski to declare for State House
by Kristen Lark – 616-836-5425

DATE OF EVENT: Saturday, September 15 TIME: 10:30 AM

LOCATION: Holland, Michigan - 146th Ave. between Waverly & M-40 in the field across from the closed Life Savers factory

Bob Genetski will announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Representative for the 88th district (Allegan County-excluding Watson & Otsego Township and the city of Otsego) on Saturday in Holland. Genetski will declare his intent with the closed Life Savers factory as a backdrop, making the Michigan economy a strong focal point of his platform. (note to editor- Life Savers moved to Canada, taking 600 jobs from Michigan)

In his announcement, the Saugatuck native will call for an elimination of income taxes for Michigan seniors. With Money Magazine’s naming of Holland as one of the top towns in the U.S. to retire to in 2006, Genetski feels the elimination would help our state compete for the many retirees who want to avoid deadly weather of some southern states and enjoy the hospitality of the heartland. Furthermore, he believes the influx of out-of-state money will help bolster home sales and reduce the state budget deficit. “The additional retirees will bring a lot of disposable income,” Genetski will note.

The candidate’s speech will strongly oppose new taxes and call for an end to the personal property tax, which he calls, “a ball and chain hindering Michigan’s businesses and costing thousands of jobs.”

Genetski, who teaches at-risk high school students, will call for a restructuring of the state university system. He will recommend the state’s 15 universities to be brought under one board of regents “so that they compete against each other and not the taxpayer.” The educator will call for the current 15 university presidents and boards of trustees to show accountability to working families and develop plans to “cut tuition rates or leave their positions for others who will do so.”

The conservative Republican will also call for an end to prevailing wage laws that he believes forces taxpayers to overpay for public projects, noting a recent study by the Mackinac Center that taxpayers for one school district in west Michigan recently paid $2.5 million more for a project than they would have without state mandated prevailing wage laws.

Genetski is proud of his life long pro-life stance and staunchly opposes embryonic stem cell research.

Three students who recently graduated from Orion Alternative High School, where he teaches, will introduce Genetski. Each credits the teacher for his efforts in helping them graduate against the odds.

Prior to teaching at-risk students, Genetski taught and coached soccer at Otsego high school in Allegan County. Genetski is a member of the Allegan County GOP Executive Committee. He earned a master’s degree in education from Grand Valley State University in 2004. An avid writer, Genetski has penned guest editorials critical of Michigan universities for their lack of fiscal responsibility. These appeared in the Holland Sentinel and Grand Rapids Press. The educator also wrote a piece for the Mackinac Center’s Michigan Education Report that slammed the teacher certification process, calling it ineffective and wasteful.

Ronald Reagan cites Genetski’s father in the book In His Own Hand for a study the elder Genetski did on the damages state and local taxes do to an economy. The campaign is hopeful for an endorsement from a former Reagan cabinet appointee. Bob Genetski, when he is not teaching, plays ice hockey with his Saugatuck-based team Wally’s Whalers. He and his family attend church at St. Peter’s in Douglas.

(note to editor- there should be some good photo opportunities at this event. Bob’s former students could be quite passionate. We will send a standard headshot, but if you would like any shots from the announcement we would be happy to send some- Kristen)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clear Matt Hall's Name

On Monday, September 10, 2007, the 'Turn Michigan Red' blog, by Justin Zatzoff, released a statement regarding the misinformation presented by the 'The Michigan Conservative Dossier.' I wanted to pass along the article in my full support of Matt Hall.

Conservative Dossier gets it wrong again!
An article posted on "Conservative" Dossier stating that "Matt Hall pulls endorsement of Chuck Yob" is completely false.

Here is the type of evidence this blog uses to fabricate a story...

This is the email that was sent out that the story is refering to...

Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 5:39 AM
To: Hildenbrand, Gerald W USA Mr USA US NCE
Subject: rnc man/woman race


Not sure if you're still in the State's or back in Iraq - either way Ihope this email finds you safe (matter of fact - I'm not sure if youstill use this email).

I'm emailing you just to touch base and get your thoughts about theNational Committeeman's race. I noticed your congressman endorsed Chuck, but I wasn't sure if that means you're going to follow his lead.

Currently I'm "keeping my powder dry." I'd be happy to fill you in onwhat went down at the last state committee meeting but essentiallyChuck/Holly and company sold the McCain campaign up the river forpersonal reasons (to protect the national committeeman/woman seats).Regardless of if you're with McCain or not - Chuck just proved thatthere is a trend in how he operates - internal republican politics comebefore external republican v. democrat politics and that's somethingthat is not good for the party.

Anyhow, I thought we had not talked in a while and this might be a goodtopic of conversation :) just wondering what you're thinking, which wayyou're leaning, etc.



It has been confirmed that the email address this was sent from "" has been used by 11th District Chairman Matt Frendeway in the past, and therefore it is definitely not from Matt Hall.

Reportedly when Matt Hall asked Joe Sylvester to remove the post, Joe refused."Conservative" Dossier using an email from Matt Frendeway to attack Matt Hall? Unbelievable!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The GRCC Conservative

First of all, we need to remember 9/11. Six years ago today, tragedy struck the United States. On that day four planes were hijacked, the Twin Towers were destroyed, the Pentagon was hit, and 2,997 innocent civilian lives were lost.

Now six years later, we remember what those terrorists tried to accomplish. We must continue to fight the War on Terror in order that an attack on U.S. soil will be prevented in our future. We must support our troops who fight across the world in order that we may live freely in the U.S.

God Bless the United States.

We will never forget 9/11.