Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Hypocrisy From Hilla the Hun

It’s not news to anyone that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite. She was one of those who voted for the PATRIOT act, though she then encouraged a filibuster of the same act when it came time to renew it. Also, she voted to give the president power to declare war on Iraq, though she has been abundantly condemning of his decision to use that power, even leading personal attacks on General Petraeus, which were entirely irrelevant to his presentation to congress about our work in Iraq.

Now we have another most interesting event to add to the list. A new book came out, which has not been factually disputed, which states that she listened in on political opponents during Slick Willy’s presidential campaign in 1992. Apparently her opponents were discussing another woman who might come forward about her affair with Willy.

I would state my thoughts but an unnamed GOP official said it better than I could. “Hillary Clinton ’s campaign hypocrisy continues to know no bounds. It is rather unbelievable that Clinton would listen in to conversations being conducted by political opponents, but refuse to allow our intelligence agencies to listen in to conversations being conducted by terrorists as they plot and plan to kill us. Team Clinton can expect to see and hear this over and over again over the course of the next year.”

My only concern is that the media will try to hide this fact. It is up to us conservatives to make sure the truth gets out. Don’t let Hillary get away with her anti-American hypocrisy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Words from a Marine Sergeant serving in Iraq

“We get a little info from higher about what's going on in Al Anbar but the Marines that came before us did such a good job we haven't dropped hardly any ordnance. [i.e. Bombs and missiles] The general word about the war is that we're winning and the Iraqis are getting better at standing on their own.”

A Marine I know, who is a Sergeant in the Marine Corps serving in Iraq, said that in a message to his family and friends. How many people know that about Iraq? We’re hardly fighting anymore in Anbar, because there are precious few terrorists to kill in some areas. Let’s face it. Al Anbar is pacified. That’s right. Pacified. (Remember, people, that Anbar was considered a lost cause as recently as a year ago. That’s how much things have improved) Now did you hear that on the News? I’m willing to bet you didn’t. Bush gave a speech to that effect on Labour day, but precious few people even know he gave a speech, much less know what he said. The media refuses to tell us.

Not only that, but they blatantly lied about General Patraeus’ speech to Congress. I watched the speech he gave and he basically said Iraq is just about won. But the next day on the today show, they were showing just the right clips of the dems speaking to make it appear that we’ve lost. It’s not just misleading anymore. It’s lying. Now I don’t mean to rant about the media. I’m sure conservatives do enough of that without my help. But the point is, we need to get our objective information. We know the media lie, so we need another source. My source is the warriors serving in Iraq. My Marine friend is there, so I can ask him. Previously I had a friend serving there as an MP so I asked him and he said that the situation was endlessly getting better, though it was still a lot more violent when he was there. Even that shows the great amount of improvement.

Now I’m not saying that we’ve won yet. Bagdad has yet to be pacified, and they still need our help, But the situation is endlessly improving. That Sergeant isn’t even that far from Bagdad and his area is pacified

It is also worth mentioning that after Bush gave his speech there, Terrorists tried to counter him by stepping up the violence in Anbar. They failed. They simply could not do their job where they have no influence. Don’t let the media confuse you. We’re winning in Iraq.

PS: I used the term pacified, but the Marine I was talking to said that word was not valid. His complaint was that it implied that the people do not trouble us for we have forced them not to, which is not accurate. He prefers to explain that the Iraqis are choosing to work with the Americans and that terrorists are simply not welcome in Anbar

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Nobel Peace Prize

Here’s a good joke for you. A man, desperate for attention after pathetically losing the presidential election makes a movie about global warming. He gets the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. I can’t believe it’s true but it is. The idea of giving a peace prize to someone for an issue that has not a thing to do with peace is my first objection. Even if global warming were really happening (which is quite debatable), it has nothing to do with peace.

Today our world is at war. This war is quite global. The religious extremists of the Middle East are determined to destroy the West. They fight us at every turn. They don’t much care for the Iraqis, but they fight us in Iraq (they endlessly murder the Iraqis for the sole purpose of hurting Americans). Much of the Middle East is dedicated to the genocide of all Israelis; many of them want the same for the Americans because we support Israel. They will do everything in their power to destroy us even at the cost of annihilating their own people.

And yet, instead of a man helping us to end the war (which we can only end by winning it as to lose would mean our destruction), they choose to give the award to Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel. The UN has actively fought world peace by endlessly conceding to the terrorists. They fight Israel in their struggle for survival, and demand that we do nothing to protect ourselves from our enemies. They embolden the evil-minded dictators of the Middle East just as Europe emboldened Hitler in the 30’s.

If we want peace, we must fight the terrorists. They will fight to the last man to destroy us, and are in the process of murdering countless innocent civilians in their quest to do so. We must end this war. We must win this war. If any man were to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, it would be a man who could subdue the terrorists (or at least give us a much greater advantage over them), not some nut parroting pseudo-scientific scare tactics.

Friday, October 12, 2007


The Bible has a lot to say concerning unity. In fact, Jesus goes so far as to explain that if the church were unified, then the whole world would know that Christianity is from G-d. Of course, we have seen that Christians are not unified, but just imagine that they were. Nothing would be able to stop them! Indeed, when the entire Roman Empire was Catholic, they conquered most of Europe. (At least in the religious sense.) Just about everyone in Europe was Christian for a long time.

But why am I talking about religion on a political blog? The answer is that we can learn from the lesson of unity. Because the Church is no longer unified, people can stand up to the Christians and indeed they seem to be falling from prominence. There is a lesson for us Republicans here. Our views, of course, are not primarily religious. They are political. We believe in capitalism, in the right of a nation to defend itself militarily when necessary, in the right to life, in low taxes alongside low government spending and more. Now we don’t all support all of these issues but they are common to most of us.

But now we get to the problem of some of these issues. While many of us believe that we should stay in Iraq, others believe we should leave immediately. While some of us believe in laws governing morality others believe that morality should be left more or less unlegislated. We are not identical. We are not uniform. Fortunately, unity does not mean that we are uniform. It means we do not attack one another. It means we share many common goals, even if not all of them.

Now, Democrats aren’t uniform either, but they don’t know how to handle this fact. They fight each other endlessly. If anyone does not match the party platform, the others attack them as wolves. My personal favorite example of this was when Lieberman lost the primary for his seat in the Senate. Despite being liberal, he was rejected for thinking for himself on the issue of the war in Iraq. This infighting is devastating to the Democrats.

We Republicans should be wiser. Despite our wide ranging opinions, we need not attack our own party for differences. There are a couple Republican presidential candidates whose policies I do not care for. I think they might do us a lot more harm than good in some ways, but I don’t attack them. I don’t fight with them, and I don’t protest their campaigns. I won’t necessarily vote for them in the primary, but I see that they are at least better than the Democrats running for office. In any contest between either of them and Hillary or Obama, I would definitely vote for the Republican, because overall they are still better.

Democrats are masters of lies and propaganda. They are good at getting fools who don’t know better to vote for them. Republicans are more likely to tell the truth and we don’t win over the idiots with that method. Our advantage must be in unity in addition to our logic and wiser positions. If we can support each other, we can accomplish much, including keeping the white house.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

‘One-State Recession’

Dearborn, Michigan –yesterday Fred Thompson joined eight other Republican Presidential candidates in a GOP debate. With Jenny running jobs out of our state and raising taxes on the hard working Michiganians, no wonder the main theme for the debate focused upon economic issues.

Mitt Romney said it best when describing Michigan’s economy, “It’s inexcusable that Michigan is undergoing a one-state recession. … And, in some respects, what Michigan is seeing, the entire nation is going to see, unless we take action now to get Michigan stronger.” Romney went on to joke that he was surprised that Granholm did not tax the debate!

According to the Michigan Labor Market, Michigan’s unemployment rate is the highest in the United States at a staggering 7.4%. That even puts us behind the District of Columbia who has an unemployment rate of 5.7%. While George W. Bush has created an atmosphere for our markets that has had 49 consecutive months of job growth, Jenny has scared jobs and people away from Michigan. “Our real problem continues to be that an American company is having to pay an extraordinary high tax. … That’s why people in Michigan are going, looking for something to do,” Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

With Jenny raising taxes on Michigan businesses is it any wonder why we are loosing jobs? As Representative Duncan Hunter explains, “1.8 million jobs…have moved to communist China from the United States, including over 54,000 jobs from Michigan.”

All I have to say is, “thanks Jenny.”

Monday, October 1, 2007

Propagated Propaganda

First of all I want to apologize for any misunderstanding that may have been caused. The use of Trevor’s name was meant as a joke and in no way was it perpetuated because of Matt Hall nor Justin Zatkoff nor Chuck Yob. The mere suggestion there of is pure propaganda promoting political partition.

We as conservatives may have our minor differences from one another but I encourage all to lay aside their egos and become a humble people. Take the advice of Ronald Regan, “He who agrees with me seventy percent of the time should not be my enemy but my ally” (paraphrased). We as conservatives need to put aside our differences and focus on the goal of uniting against liberals.

Now let’s discuss the Ninth Commandment:

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness

When this situation came up I immediately thought of the Ninth Commandment. Through this I want to stay transparent and keep my witness number one priority.

What came to mind is the term of falsification. We have to, and in fact we are commanded to, be careful not sow or receive doubt about someone without the facts. In this case, facts were (here’s the big word again) falsified. I urge everyone, myself included, to be careful not to assume and jump to conclusions.

“The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” James 3:6

The tongue can lie and like a poison can damage a reputation. Be careful of the lies and falsehoods you spread for God knows the truth. Once a lie is out, it is difficult to catch.

I am not saying this to condemn or judge but to educate through the Word of God.

Again I urge everyone to set aside your differences. Complaining about the past will not change the future and continuing to attack each other is ungodly.

Chaz Oswald